Pakistani singer Asin Azar wants to perform with BTS

The success of South Korean group BTS is amazing. There are also some famous singers who want to perform with their group. Recently, 24-year-old Pakistani singer Asin Azar expressed his desire to join BTS. Many of BTS ‘MVs are similar to those of Bollywood and are popular on social media in Pakistan.

A video featuring Arsene’s Soneya song and BTS video has also been circulating on social media. Arsene Wenger shared on Twitter that he liked the video, which combines his song with the BTS video and edited it. “I want to be the first Pakistani singer to perform with BTS. Cultural mix is ​​always beautiful. K-pop is an example of that. “It’s a really crazy edit.”

The Army, the BTS fandom, then thanked Arsene Wenger. Arsene Wenger has slammed Arsene Wenger as saying, “I’m dreaming too much, but singer Hadiqa Kiani has said he fully supports his desire to work with BTS. Many social media users are asking Arsenal to cover BTS song Dynamite. BTS ‘Dynamite song seems to be on everyone’s mind. “Please cover Dynamite song”; “Can you cover a Dynamite song? “This is an English song and it will mean a lot to the Pakistan BTS Army.”

Arsene Wenger’s new song “Soneya” has been gaining traction on YouTube since its release. BTS ‘Dynamite is a hit song by K-pop fans around the world and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 the week after its release. It is still number one until the second week.

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