Bollywood actor Susan Simon arrested for drug trafficking

Indian drug authorities have arrested his girlfriend, Bollywood actress Charkrabotti, in connection with the death of Bollywood actor Susan Singh. Prince Susan Sim, 34, died at his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. Police say Susan Sim committed suicide in the incident. However, Susan Sim’s family filed a complaint with the police alleging that Chakrabotti had pushed Susan Sim to death.

Chakraboti has not yet commented on the arrest. Earlier, he said he had made no mistake. Authorities have not yet released the charges against Chakraboti. Chakraboti’s brother and Miranda, a former housekeeper of Susan Sim, were also arrested last week on drug charges.

Susan Sim and Chakraboti first fell in love in the summer of 2019 and reportedly lived together last December. However, on June 8, the week before Susan Sims ‘death, Chakraboti returned to his parents’ home and was not present when Susan Sim died. At the time of Susan Sim’s death, there were reports that he was suffering from a mental illness. Rumors have been circulating from behind the scenes that people are paying more attention to Chakrabotti.

Susan Sim’s father filed a complaint with Chakraboti, which sparked public outcry. Her son has no mental health problems. Susan Singh’s father has filed a complaint alleging that Chakraboti stole his son’s money. Susan Sim’s fans cheered for Chakraboti. She was named the wife of the Archbishop of the Mafia. Chakraboti has denied all charges and appealed to Indian Home Minister Amish Shah to investigate the death of Susan Simsam.

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