Prince Donnie Young, who proved he loved his wife very much on the 17th anniversary of his marriage

Hong Kong actor Donnie Young is also a kung fu actor who has even appeared in Hollywood movies. He rose to international prominence as an IP Man actor after appearing in IP Man films. Donione, 57, recently celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary with his wife Sisowath. Instagram has revealed that they are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary.

Donnie’s wife, Sisiwan, wrote that she had celebrated with her children at home, and that she was posing with Donion with a large bouquet. He also posted pictures of himself alone. She also showed how much her husband loved her. She also posted a picture of Donnie Cook cooking seafood for her in the kitchen with the caption, “The man surprised me with his cooking again this year.” Donnie Young cooks for his wife on Memorial Day.

Donnie posted pictures of himself on Instagram shortly after his wife posted a picture on Instagram. He is even portrayed as the most beautiful woman who has given his wife the most beautiful life. Donnie Young did not post photos like his wife. They posted a video of the two of them over the past 17 years. This is not the first time he has cooked for his wife on special occasions. On Valentine’s Day 2019, he cooked and prepared food for his wife.

At that time, I went shopping myself and cooked. Throughout their lives together, Donnie was always polite and busy, no matter how busy she was. Year round His wife says he will never forget those special days. It is customary for Donnie to cook for her on special occasions.

Donnie Young and Sisiwan got married in 2003 after three months of dating. The couple has two children, 13-year-old James and 16-year-old Jasmine. Donnie Young also has a son with his first wife.

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