Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK have released a new song

The news that BLACKPINK, a Korean girl group with a strong following around the world, will be releasing a song together with popular singer Selena Gomez. Their long-awaited MV has been released today. The song co-produced by BLACKPINK and Selena is “Ice Cream”. Fans will be able to try their “Ice Cream”.

The song “Ice Cream” is just like the name. It’s a pop song with simple rhythms and light melodies. The lyrics are as sweet as ice cream, which gives them a cool look on the outside. This song is one of the first songs released before BLACKPINK’s first album.

It was announced on July 28 that BLACKPINK and Selena will co-present. At the time, BLACKPINK’s agency said it was difficult to confirm their partnership. It wasn’t until later that BLACKPINK and Selena’s Ice Cream music posters came out. Previously, it was speculated that the artist who would be collaborating with BLACKPINK was Ariana Grande.

BLACKPINK is a world-renowned K-pop group. Their song “How You Like That”, released in June, is a hit with millions of people on YouTube. BLACKPINK’s first album will be released on October 2nd. Will the fans like the new song “Ice Cream” in collaboration with Selena? It remains to be seen whether it will have millions of views on YouTube.

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