In the countries where Disney + is available, Mulan will be available in September for $ 29

Mulan, once a popular animated film, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Disney has not yet announced a specific release date for “Mulan” when it will be postponed again. But Disney will release Mulan on Disney + Streaming Service for $ 29, Disney CEO said Tuesday.

Mulan, starring Chinese actress Liu Yifei as the main character, will be available for $ 29 on Disney + in some countries, but will be released in some countries, including Asia, where Disney + Streaming service is not available. Cinemas are now reopening in some countries.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the film Mulan, which was originally scheduled for release in March, has been postponed twice. The first sample of Mulan was released in July 2019. In addition to Chinese actress Lori Fei, Donnie Yen; Featuring Jason Scott Lee and many other famous actors.

The number of subscribers has increased since Disney + released BeyoncĂ© “Black Is King” with “Hamilton”. Disney + now has 60.5 million subscribers.

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