A preview of Susan’s latest film, The Dead

Bollywood actor Susan Singh Rajput, who committed suicide on June 14, is survived by his girlfriend. He left behind a family that loved him, but he left behind a film starring him that fans will miss. The long-awaited trailer for Susan’s latest film, Dil Bechara, was released on July 6. Dil Bechara is based on the best-selling novel The Fault in Our Stars, a 2014 Hollywood film inspired by a tragic love story.

As shown in the trailer, Susan is a boy named Manny. Sanjana Sanji Hee plays a girl named Kizi, respectively. They play the role of two cancer patients who become friends while encouraging each other. At the opening of the trailer, you will see Kizi introducing herself as a cancer patient.

Then there is Manny, a lovely, happy young man who is struggling with cancer. Manny talks about Kizi’s life. He changed dreams with love. Throughout the trailer, you will see two characters telling love stories, including their deaths and endings. Kizie’s disease shows that it is an obstacle in the love between the two characters. “When will you be born? We can not decide when he will die. But what we can decide is how we live our lives. ”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But it is true that Susan will be seen last from the screen, which will upset the audience when the film comes out.

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